If you are experiencing difficulty with
increasing your profits and you’re serious about doing so in the next six months
then read this tried and tested tip that will improve your profitability:-

Get your suppliers to help

Simply ask your suppliers, “How can you add value to my business?”

They will not ask you how they can add value to your business so
you must take the initiative.

Ask the same question of all your suppliers – those who supply you
goods like raw materials and those who supply you services like your bank
advisor, accountant, etc.

Successful businesses understand that suppliers can be an
extension to their workforce and tap into their knowledge and expertise.

Adding value to your business could involve:

payment terms

and referrals

with promotions and marketing


on market information


costs for exhibitions.

Some of your added value solutions will cost money in the
short-term. Keep in mind your goal is long-term profitability.

Some of your suppliers may want something in
return, (for example, sole supplier agreements, guaranteed order value and
frequency, etc.). Don’t automatically tie yourself to one supplier for a quick
profit; consider your long-term requirements. Look for a win-win outcome and
make sure you are getting the best value for your business.

To get your suppliers to add value to your business you need to
ask them to help. When you do, be prepared to share your vision with them and
explain what you are trying to achieve. Discuss the challenges in front of you.
Give as much detail as you can to help them understand you and your business
when considering how they can help you.

Having done this, successful businesses always keep their good
suppliers informed of their progress. They thank them for their help. Do this
with your suppliers and the next time you want help they will inevitably
respond positively.

It’s up to you to contribute to creating and developing
relationships that add value to your business.

If your existing suppliers do not respond to your requests then
consider finding alternative suppliers who want to help and work with a
successful company. Remember success brings success.


Many of
my clients have asked their suppliers to help and have seen some incredible

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