CASE STUDY Redfox CAD, CAM & Design Services Ltd

Product design and engineering services support.

Executive summary

Redfox is a customer focussed, highly responsive, service business that has worked with Alan Balmer since 2011.
Initially Alan helped the owner manager to make sure the current state of the business met all of his objectives. Enabling him to clearly see his personal goals and develop his own strategy to achieve them. Since then Alan has continued to work with the business in a number of areas including staff development and contract negotiations. This has allowed the business to develop with a strong base and has recently recruited two more designers, evidence of the strong growth.

The business issue

The business was founded as a sole trader and with the owner being the manager/worker etc, focus and vision was often found to be taking a back seat to day to day tasks. The business serviced a range of customers in a variety of specialities, all with varying levels of profitability. Growth was being limited due to a plateau at which gathering more sales meant less output was achieved.

What did Alan Balmer contribute?

Having worked with the owner to clearly identify his personal goals, a customer profile and growth strategy was quickly developed. This led to a streamlining of the existing customer base and a more appropriate pricing structure commensurate with the demands of the client business. Alan also assisted in enabling a clear decision making process during the negotiation of a large contract. This brought a great deal of clarity to the situation for the owner who then successfully acted upon the outcome to secure a lucrative deal. Alan continues, at regular intervals, to bring focus back onto the business itself. The regular contact forces a space into the daily schedule to look past the day to day problems and ensure the business is going where it should and highlight any issues before they arise. Working in part as a critical friend to raise any concerns as a board member would do in a larger business

In the simplest terms Alan Balmer is an enabler, the decisions always lie with the business, Alan just helps the process along.


Over the past twelve months the business has doubled in size, with commensurate profits. It has recruited two full-time designers, the first stage of the next growth phase. The owner now works predominantly on the business rather than in it and as a result the work life balance is much more in line with what was desired. Alan continues to support the business and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


Executive summary

This is an up and coming “Boot Camp Fitness Company” company, who employed Alan Balmer for three months to undertake a complete review of their business, identifying the areas that needed improvement. Alan together with the owner of the company agreed the changes that needed to be made to ensure the success of the Company’s continued growth.

Within the three months turnover has risen significantly and is expected to quadruple in the next year, bringing with it a significant improvement in profitability.

The evidence is clear that without Alan Balmer’s intervention this company would not have achieved their current level of growth both in financial, customer growth and retention. John is now running his business and is well on the way to having the business he deserves after just three months of mentoring.

The business issue

The company is in the personal fitnesssector specialising in “Boot Camps” The owner has been in business for just
over a year operating on a sole trader basis. The business was mainly reliant on a small number of clients meeting in three locations with the owner working long and unsocial hours for little reward. He was exhausted and frustrated that his business was running him rather than him running his business. He also realised that he did not posses many the skills required to
grow his company and get himself out of this rut.

How did Alan contribute?

Having listened carefully to my situation Alan started to alter my mindset completely. He quickly showed me where I was going wrong and taught me how to improve. We created a growth strategy to treble my clients to 100. Coupled with a Marketing strategy and pricing policy the business turnover would quadruple. Alan helped me set the time frame of three months to revolutionise my business. This would be achieved by reaching manageable but stretching goals.

The Impact

  • We have vastly improved my website it’s more or less brand new! Along with proper SEO work it is flying up the Google
  • Having created a proper pricing structure I’m now starting to earn much more money without working any extra hours.
  • We have set a goal of 100 clients and the way things are going so far I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that I will
    reach that by early 2012. This coupled with my new pricing structure I estimate my return on investment will be 50 times my outlay.

I can without hesitation recommend Alan Balmer to anyone who wants to make a difference to their business.



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