First, we will have an initial appointment to help us develop a clear understanding of your business challenges, business goals and customers. As no two businesses are the same it’s essential we understand what you do and how you do it in order to offer you the best possible advice.

There is no obligation whatsoever for you to continue to work with me beyond this free initial session. It’s just my way of us both seeing if we are a good fit to work together on your business development.

When you are ready to move ahead the next step is to put the long term business development strategies together.  This isn’t about forgetting what is keeping you up at night right now. In fact we often deal with this issue first to take the pressure off you and get some immediate results.

We will also start some simple measures to show you how you are progressing.

In the business plan we will look at the three areas.  Not all mentors look at these equally or at the same time……

  • Maximises Finances (profits)
  • Find and keep delighted customers
  • Make sure your people are engaged in your business               

The next stage is crucial as it involves implementing the changes needed to grow your business to seven figures.

We will show you a clearly defined route to success.

This is achieved by getting to the root of the issues, removing what isn’t working, and replacing it with tried and tested methods for generating the type of sustainable growth needed to drive your company forwards.


Important note…..I won’t ask you to sacrifice yourself in the process, the key is simple small changes that make the big differences and allow you to grow your business from six figures to a seven figures and create more wealth in the process

In my experience your mind-set is equally as important as your business model and I have a strong background in mentoring disciplines including the G.R.O.W coaching process to help you turn intent into action.


I will be there supporting you every step of the way. Business growth is an ongoing process, so we will help you constantly refine and improve everything you do in your business.

As your business growth mentor I am committed to your success, and confident enough to offer you my money back guarantee.

When we have achieved our goals you will be left with the tools and techniques to scale your business up again.




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