What you get from me is a straight ‘bottom line’ assessment of where I think you are and what you need to do next.  I have a knack of identifying the key issues and if I had a pound for the number of times people have said ‘you have hit the nail on the head’ I would be twice as wealthy.

Funnily enough very little of what I say and do is in the category of big ideas and much is not new.  My engagement often involves giving people the confidence and criteria for making decisions that they know they should have made many months or even years earlier.  I also strongly believe in preparation and consideration often before embarking on even a small interaction.  This approach can often produce dramatically improved results.

“Every month there are at least five great suggestions you have given that have increased the company’s turnover or improved it’s running in one way or another. I appreciate being able to call upon your versatility and willingness to help. You stretch me and the business.” Lee Singers

The companies and individuals I mentor and support are demonstrably growing both commercially and personally.  We have isolated the barriers and issues so they know what to overcome or avoid.  They also have clear goals and are working systematically towards achieving them.  It is not always plain sailing and they sometimes arrive at meetings feeling, frustrated, overburdened and weary.  They invariably leave fully focused, energised and ready for more.  The more open they are, the more I can respond from my experience and intuition.



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